Spanish M&A Market activity increases rapidly

June 15, 2017

The Spanish M&A and Private Equity Forum celebrates 10th anniversary

Atlantia’s takeover bid of Abertis alone exceeds the entire 2016 market

Cuatrecasas and Mergermarket organized the 10th Spanish and Private Equity Forum, a leading event in which market players, such as private equity houses and investment banks analyze the M&A market, and its opportunities and trends.

One of the topics discussed at the forum due to its impact on the market was Atlantia’s acquisition of Abertis, which will undoubtedly be the transaction of the year. The Italian concessionaire will pay over €30 billion, a sum that far exceeds the value of all transactions registered last year.

Apart from this takeover bid, so far this year, 135 transactions with a value of €46.7 billion have been registered. That is just €2.3 billion less than the total value of transactions in 2016, indicating the good state of the market and the investors’ appetite.

Private equity activity has also picked up considerably: according to Unquote, in the first quarter of 2017, Spain registered its highest acquisition and exit rates since 2005.

Javier Villasante, coordinator of the Cuatrecasas Corporate and Commercial Practice in Madrid, welcomed the attendees, emphasizing how special the occasion was, given that, over the last 10 years, the forum has witnessed boom periods, the financial crisis and the current recovery period.

In her speech, Irene Garrido, State Secretary for Economy and Business Support, reviewed the Spanish market’s macroeconomic data, highlighting that “the reforms in finance, the labor market and the goods market have helped to consolidate the steady and sustainable growth of the Spanish economy, which is growing almost twice as fast as other economies in the Eurozone.”

Victor Xercavins, coordinator of the Cuatrecasas Corporate and Commercial Practice in Barcelona, participated in the second of the five round tables, which focused on outbound investment by Spanish funds, particularly concerning Latin America. He stated that “investor trends have changed in the last two years.  Now investors know that Spain is a good opportunity for them, thanks to the economic growth and political stability.”

About Cuatrecasas

Cuatrecasas, a leading international law firm in Spain and Portugal, is present in the main European countries and financial centers in the world. It has 26 offices in 12 countries, and a team of almost 1,000 lawyers highly specialized in all areas of business law and with experience in different jurisdictions. In 2016, the firm’s revenue reached €266 million, consolidating its sustained growth over six consecutive years.

About Mergermarket

Mergermarket, a news and market-intelligence agency specializing in M&A founded in 2000, is present in 65 locations in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. It has the largest team of journalists and analysts specializing in M&A in the world.

It is part of the Mergermarket Group and has recorded the fastest growth in its sector.


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