Brexit - Seminar

马德里, 22 de 三月 de 2017


Cuatrecasas and Macfarlanes invite you to attend a seminar about the Brexit process and its implications at the Cuatrecasas headquarters in Madrid on March 22.

Brexit accounts for a large part of the UK’s and the EU’s political, economic and social agenda. Macfarlanes, one of London’s leading independent law firms, regularly follows up on the Brexit process. The seminar will provide a thorough and up-to-date analysis enabling the attendees to further enrich their knowledge and also assess Brexit risk to their businesses.

Although the event is largely orientated towards financial entities, Macfarlanes’ experts will also cover areas of general interest.


8:45 AM
Coffee and registration
9:15 AM
Welcome from Cuatrecasas
9:30 AM
Introductory remarks: Brexit, state of play

Stephen Kon

Senior consultant, EU and competition, Macfarlanes

Lucinda Creighton

Fipra Special Adviser & Head of Brexit Team (Recent Minister of State for Europe, Ireland)

Questions & Answers

10:15 AM
Brexit and financial services and what this means for clients

Paul Ellison

Partner, Financial services regulation, Macfarlanes

James Perrott

Senior counsel, Immigration, Macfarlanes

Questions & Answers

The seminar will be carried out in English with no interpretation services provided.