Alternative investment vehicles in Luxembourg and Spain: types and practical implications - Madrid

马德里, 7 de 三月 de 2018


Luxembourg has become the most important hub for alternative investment in Europe. We invite you to this event where one of Luxembourg’s leading law firms Elvinger Hoss Prussen, together with Cuatrecasas, will analyze and compare the characteristics of Spain and Luxembourg’s alternative investment vehicles for different investment strategies (private equity, venture capital, real estate, direct lending and distressed debt).

The presentation will be practical, analyzing the implications of forming a fund, investment structures for Spanish investors and crossborder management.


9:15 AM
9:30 AM
Types of Luxembourgish and Spanish alternative investment vehicles: practical implications from Luxembourgish and Spanish perspectives
10:30 AM
Coffee break
10:45 AM
Taxation of Luxembourgish and Spanish alternative investment vehicles: tax implications in Luxembourg and Spain
11:45 AM
Carlos Ferrer, Socio Jorge Canta, Socio Jean Luc Fisch, Partner at Elvinger Hoss Isabelle Gervais, Counsel at Elvinger Hoss