Transfer pricing controversy in Europe

巴塞罗那, 17 de 四月 de 2018


European groups are experiencing an increasing number of tax audits in transfer pricing matters. European tax authorities are focusing in transfer pricing in their audits, either at subsidiaries levels to challenge the remuneration obtained, or challenging the TP model at group level, including co-lateral effects such as permanent establishment considerations.

TP audits range from limited risk distributors remuneration to financial arrangements, including royalties over IP or cost-sharing contributions.

At this event we will have the opportunity to listen to a panel of TP specialists partners from leading law firms  from Germany, France, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Ireland and Portugal.

In addition to sharing their views of TP audits, including joint tax audits which have been endorsed by the OECD and the EU, panelists will address their experience implementing remedies such as APAs and MAPs.


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