Private Investments in Spain: Economic and Legal Landscape

伦敦, 27 de 十一月 de 2018


Arcano and Cuatrecasas are pleased to invite you to participate in our "Private Investment in Spain: Economic and Legal Landscape" event where a group of experts will share their views on the most relevant legal and economic issues and trends of private investments in Spain.

In particular, Mr. Ignacio de la Torre, Arcano’s Chief Economist, will share an accurate overview of the main drivers of the current Spanish macroeconomic and political landscape. The event will also showcase a panel discussion with industry experts around recent developments, trends and opportunities in the Spanish Private Equity market, which is already attracting the main international players of the sector.


8:30 AM
9:00 AM
Welcome remarks
9:05 AM
Useful legal tips for private transactions
9:20 AM
Spanish Economic and Political Outlook
Ignacio de la Torre, Arcano, Partner & Chief Economist
10:00 AM
Panel discussion: Recent developments, trends and opportunities in the Spanish Private Equity market
Francisco J. Martínez Maroto, Socio José Arellano, TowerBrook Capital Partners, Managing Director Jorge Vasallo, Arcano, Partner Fernando Vallespín, Triton Partners, Investment Advisory Professional
10:30 AM
Closing remarks and networking coffee