Building a good business relationship with Japanese companies

巴塞罗那, 19 de 二月 de 2020


In this session, co-organised by Casa Asia and Cuatrecasas, we will analyse the different elements necessary to build a good business relationship with Japanese companies.

There are significant differences between Spanish and Japanese companies in their internal organisation, decision-making mechanisms, conflict resolution, internal and external communication, reporting, etc., which must be taken into account when working with Japanese companies.

This session is by invitation only and is aimed at executives within your company who have the responsibility of dealing with Japanese companies. In addition to the initial presentations, we will leave a long time for discussion so that each participant can contribute their experience in this subject.

Kenta Nishioka, a Japanese lawyer currently in secondment at Cuatrecasas with extensive experience in cross border transactions between European and Japanese firms, will give us his view on the necessary elements that a western company should take into account to work successfully with a Japanese company.

The discussion will also be joined by Albert Garrofé, a partner from Cuatrecasas who has been assisting Japan Spain transactions throughout his professional career.


9:00 AM
Welcome and introduction
9:10 AM
Presentation by Kenta Nishioka on how to successfully work with Japanese companies: common difficulties faced by European management and how to build a good business relationship
9:45 AM
Discussion with participants


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