202 attendees at #CSMDay


Corporate Social Media
Corporate Social Media
Last Thursday we held the Corporate Social Media event at our Almagro office: a key event for learning about corporate communication trends
Marketing, communication and HR experts from various organizations attended the event, including Bankia, Bankinter, Ferrovial, Grupo Santander, Repsol, Telefónica, town councils and ministries.
#CSMDay was a top trending topic on twitter in Spain and became the main topic of the evening in Madrid on July 2. During the four-hour event, 235 people wrote over 1,500 tweets, giving Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira more visibility than ever in social networks (see impacts on Twitter).
In his speech, Mario Tascón, promoter of the digital transformation of Spanish media, such as El Mundo, stressed that organizations and large firms must use content and brand journalism to reach the public. He stated that "no matter how much you use social networks, without good content it will not work."
Ivo Campos (Augure) focused his speech on the influencers and the increasingly important role they play in communication plans stating that "participation, echo and exhibition are the three factors that define an influencer in social networks".
Jorge Monclús, Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira lawyer, spoke about the legal aspects companies in social networks must consider and criminal and administrative liability in the face of bad practices in the digital environment.   
The second panel was led by Alberto Baltanás, Grupo Santander's director of internal communications; Diego Gómez, Microsoft's business architect; and Mireia Ranera, Íncipy's director of human capital.  
Baltanás explained the success of Grupo Santander's internal innovation network,   ‘Santander Ideas’, stating that "we have 27,000 active staff, but our greatest achievement by far is the collective knowledge they have generated."   
"A social network has 80% culture and 20% technology." In his speech he spoke about why it costs organizations so much to implement internal networks and focused on the business culture. He stated that "technology and culture should be united." 
Mireia Ranera also said that organizations are faced with a cultural challenge: "corporate social networks are synonymous with productivity, therefore, businesses that implement them in their strategy will be more competitive." 
Social Noises CEO, Miguel Pereira, explained how to achieve relevance and virility in corporate videos and what narrative techniques should be used to better engage. 
Taller de vídeo corporativo. Corporate Social Media
Miguel also analyzed the environment and trends of branded content.