Cuatrecasas hosts Global Pound conference series


Jurists promote the use of mediation to improve access to justice and dispute resolution

Global Pound Conference (“GPC”), the leading international conference on dispute resolution, held its Spanish edition at the Cuatrecasas Barcelona office. Coordinated by Juan Antonio Ruiz, it gathered together approximately 100 participants. Reputed representatives from the world of business, the judiciary and the administration, as well as leading lawyers, auditors and university figures attended the event.

With the title “Shaping the future of dispute resolution and improving access to justice,” the conference focused on how the market handles users’ needs and expectations in this matter that affects companies, individuals, families, associations, SMEs, multinationals, governments, public and private bodies, and NGOs immersed in civil and commercial disputes.

The conference’s institutional opening included a lineup of top figures comprising Áurea Roldán, deputy minister of justice; Jesús María Barrientos, president of the Catalan High Court of Justice; and Xavier Bernadí, director general of law and legal entities of the Catalan government.

The conference was structured in four sessions in which leading members of the Spanish judiciary, business executives, arbitration courts, chambers of commerce, mediators, lawyers, members of leading companies’ in-house legal departments and public administration officials participated.

Reinforcing mediation

The participants asked for the use of alternative dispute resolution methods to be become more widespread and to be promoted to improve the quality of justice, making it more efficient and effective. The experts analyzed users’ needs and the actions to be taken to promote improved access to justice.

About Global Conference Pound

Global Conference Pound is an international non-profit project organized by the International Mediation Institute (“IMI”). It entails a series of conferences held in 40 cities in over 30 countries to debate the individual and global needs of all those involved in individual and corporate disputes.