Alejandro Auset, new partner at Cuatrecasas


Alejandro Auset to strengthen the Litigation Practice
Alejandro Auset to strengthen the Litigation Practice

Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira strengthens its Litigation Practice by bringing Counsel for the State Alejandro Auset (36) on board.

Alejandrogot his law degree from the Universidad de Barcelona in 2001 and has been counsel for the state since 2005. He is a faculty member in the General Management Program at the IESE business school, where he currently lectures in the Executive Program for Leadership Development.

His academic activities go back to 2006 in Huelva, where he started combining his work as head of the State Legal Services with teaching administrative law at the National Institute of Public Administration and the Universidad de Huelva.    

In 2013, Alejandro relocated to Barcelona, where he began his career in the private sector, specifically at the firm Balaguer & Morera Asociados.