Twitter policy takes stricter approach to abuse cases


By Blanca Puig y Cristina Olesti.

In February, Twitter announced that it has launched new measures to reinforce security and deter abuse between users on its network. In a communication published on its corporate blog on February 8, it announced changes in its policies to enable abusive tweets to be blocked, curb the creation of accounts by users that had previously been suspended and to improve the detection, elimination and hiding of offensive or potentially offensive messages.

Twitter commits to identifying and rejecting abusive tweets through reporting by users of the network. Twitter will not notify a user of conversations started by individuals that it has blocked or muted.

This new model of fighting against abuse prevents the tweets of individuals that Twitter validates as abusive from being sent to users that do not follow those individuals.

The new Twitter policy works on the basis of user reports (of less complexity than those existing up until now) that are manually reviewed by the platform. In the case of tweets considered abusive, this could lead to the application of sanctions such as warning users that they are breaching the policy or permanently suspending accounts (click on this link to see the policy) .

Twitter announced that it will make other similar changes in the short term. We will keep you informed on the blog.