Trademark dispute over “Alice in Wonderland”


The movie “Alice through the Looking Glass,” produced by Walt Disney Pictures opened in May 2016 as the sequel to “Alice in Wonderland” (2010), based on Lewis Carroll’s work. Now, months after its release, the producer faces a lawsuit for possible trademark infringement.

Last January 11, Alice Looking, a luxury retailer in the United Kingdom selling high-end products inspired by the characters in Lewis Carroll’s story, submitted a lawsuit against the movie producer before the California courts claiming infringement of the distinctive marks it had previously registered with the same denomination as the movie title.

The boutique alleges that Disney was aware of the existence of its trademarks since at least December 2014, when Alice Looking contacted them after learning that Disney was planning production of the movie “Alice through the Looking Glass.”

Alice Looking has also requested interim measures, trial by jury, damages and destruction of objects identified with the mark. We will monitor this case closely and will report on its progress on this blog.