Chinese lawyers study success of iberian world expositions with the help of Cuatrecasas


Cuatrecasas accompanied a delegation of 10 members of the All China Lawyers Association in their recent institutional visit to the cities of Spain and Portugal that held the world expositions in recent years. The objective of this visit was to gather information about success stories so as to ensure similar success in Expo Shanghai 2010.

The visits, which commenced on December 3, saw the lawyers meeting with partners of the Cuatrecasas offices in Barcelona and Zaragoza, following arrangements made by the manager of the Cuatrecasas Shanghai office, Omar Puertas. The Chinese lawyers met with the head of the corporate area at the Barcelona office, Miguel Trías, and the managing partner of the Zaragoza office, Javier Garanto. They also met with Eloy Moreno, a member of the Barcelona Bar Association’s governing body, and with José Ignacio Gutiérrez Arrudi, dean of the Zaragoza Bar Association.

At a meeting presided over by Francisco Catalá, deputy of treasury of the Zaragoza council, the lawyers received first-hand information on the experience of the organizers of Expo Zaragoza 2008. The mayor of Zaragoza, Juan Alberto Belloch, also joined the group for a few minutes to give his regards to the representatives of the Chinese lawyers association. The Chinese lawyers will end their visit in Lisbon on December 12, where they will meet with the dean of the Portugal Bar Association, Marinho Pinto, and several partners from Gonçalves Pereira Castelo Banco.