Integrated report meets GRI standards (comprehensive option) and Sustainable Development Goals

  • Firm outlines its global activity for 2017 and first half of 2018, and incorporates corporate responsibility into its business model
  • It places value on good governance and ethics, service transformation, equality and innovation

Cuatrecasas presents its corporate report in an integrated format showing how social responsibility is incorporated into its business model. In the words of Rafael Fontana, Senior Partner of Cuatrecasas, “this report is a clear and useful display of our accountability to all.”  For him, the report reflects the firm’s growth and is "an expression of the best of each one of us."

The report follows the Global Reporting Initiative international standards (comprehensive option) and includes elements of integrated corporate reporting, while also observing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This year, we have renewed our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, the benchmark framework for integrating corporate responsibility into the business strategy.

The report covers the core concepts relevant for the Cuatrecasas business and its different publics of interest: good governance and responsible management; transformation of our business and of our clients’ businesses; support for our team with a focus on innovation, efficiency and promotion of equal treatment; and participation in the environment and in the community.

Download 2017-2018 Corporate Report