Cuatrecasas selects six startups for the second Acelera Program


This year’s program is open to legaltech startups, as well as to fintech and insurtech startups.

The second Cuatrecasas Acelera program, an innovative program organized in conjunction with Telefónica Open Future_, is now underway, following the success of the first program.  The program has selected six startups to participate this year. In addition to legaltech projects, this year’s participants include initiatives that (i) offer innovative solutions in the finance, healthcare, insurance and employment sectors; or (ii) implement blockchain technology and natural language processing. All the projects have a high degree of legal complexity.

The participating startups will access a unique ecosystem enabling them to validate their business model and multiply their possibilities of attracting clients and obtaining financing. Experts from Cuatrecasas, StepOne Ventures and Telefónica Open Future will hold group and individual sessions with the participants, and the participants will have the opportunity to carry out concept tests at Cuatrecasas and with clients. The entrepreneurs will also participate in group workshops covering a wide range of topics, including marketing, innovation and design, and financing.

The program will end in February with Demo Day when the entrepreneurs will present their projects to investors and players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Projects selected: 

Axend (fintech, Mexico): Global platform for alternative investments; it connects persons with opportunities for ideal investments.

Brokoli (insurtech, Barcelona): Mobile application offering users a new way to understand and manage insurance policies.

Daysk (offices on demand, Barcelona): Platform enabling professionals to work remotely by offering a network of offices and workspaces that can be reserved online in real time.

 Iomed (medtech, Barcelona): Software tool enabling real-time extraction of structured medical data from clinical records for display and analysis.

Smaze (fintech, Barcelona): Application enabling the management of subscriptions using smart contracts.

Validated ID  (legaltech, Barcelona): Platform offered by ViDSigner; this comprehensive digital signature service adapts on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type of signer, the parties’ technological capacity, the legal and security requirements, and VidChain, a solution for managing and validating identities based on blockchain technology.

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