Cuatrecasas trains Seville's journalists on creditors meetings and refinancing


Some 10 journalists working for different Seville media outlets attended a course given by partners, Luis Olivencia and Francisco Ballester, and lawyer, José Luis Ballester, called “Creditors’ Meetings and Refinancing in the Ongoing Crisis.” The session was held at the Cuatrecasas office in Seville, on Thursday, May 7, and is part of a series called Los Desayunos Jurídicos, designed for Seville’s journalists.

The course mirrors those being given to national media and foreign correspondents based in Madrid, coordinated by the Cuatrecasas Media Relations Department.

Journalists from Expansion, Cinco Días, Diario Negocio, ABC, El Correo de Andalucía and Seville Television discussed issues arising from the current crisis with Cuatrecasas lawyers, generating an interesting debate.