El Gobierno de Aragón apoya el proyecto innovador de Twindocs


The regional government of Aragon has bought a stake in Twindocs, a Zaragoza-based company, to promote its ambitious project―the newly created platform to process and manage all types of official documents online.

The regional government has shares in the company through its local agency for industrial development (Sodiar) This online platform will reduce, and eventually eliminate, the paper generated through commercial activity, and procedures between citizens and the civil service.  Another advantage of the platform is that users have online access to documents from anywhere in the world.

Several Spanish regional governments, financial institutions and ecommerce companies have already shown interest in buying this platform. Once the company achieves success in Spain, it hopes to expand the project to other countries, in line with its aim to become an international reference for online operations.

The Twindocs initiative was created by local businessmen Mr. Alfonso Lahuerta, Mr. Juan Manuel Álvarez and Mr. Gabriel Marro, who were advised by Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira. The legal firm and the PR company Olgivy have given their support to the initiative.