II Women in Business brings together 150 directors and businesswomen


From left to right Krista Walochik, Eva Ivars, Carina Szpilka, Mariana Norton, Beatriz Puente y María del Pino Velázquez
From left to right Krista Walochik, Eva Ivars, Carina Szpilka, Mariana Norton, Beatriz Puente y María del Pino Velázquez

For the second consecutive year Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira organized this business forum in which inclusive leadership was discussed 

The second year of Women in Business (WiB), which brought together 150 directors, businesswomen and international law firm partners, included as a keynote speaker Ana María Llopis, founder and CEO of Ideas4all, non-executive chair of DIA, and independent consultant to Société Générale. In her address, entitled "Women's inclusive leadership needs gender 'pas de deux,' Ana María underlined the need for men and women to be together and in step on the path leading to the real integration of female talent in business.  

After the initial speech, a panel composed of Carina Szpilka, founder of K Fund and independent consultant to Grifols and Abanca; María del Pino, founder and chair of Unísono; Beatriz Puente, CFO of NH Hotel Group; Eva Ivars, director general of Alain Afflelou España and international marketing director of the Afflelou group; Krista Walochik, co-founder and chair of Talengo , and moderated by Mariana Norton, debated on "Inclusive leadership and business success."

The speakers dealt with aspects such as the value that inclusive leadership contributes to businesses, and how diverse talent and ideas are a business necessity in an increasingly volatile, unstable and complex world. They analyzed how all this influences the new profile required of current leaders.

“In a constantly changing world it is essential to be able to innovate and react, and for that we need to have teams with diverse talents,” pointed out Mariana Norton who, together with Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira's counsel Diana Rivera, proposed holding the event two years ago and made up the organizing committee again. 

Jorge Badía, the firm's managing partner, welcomed the attendees and, along the same lines, emphasized “that understanding and including diverse talent play an important role in management.”

With the second Women in Business event, Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira consolidates a forum for businesswomen and directors to share experiences on promoting gender diversity and developing female talent, innovation and new models of management and leadership.



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