Reig Capital Group building on Almagro Street will serve as the new headquarters of Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira Madrid in 2012


Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira has just signed a contract with real estate company Reig Capital Group to rent the building of Almagro Street 9-11 in Madrid downtown. The agreement will make it possible for the firm to bring together all employees to one building, which has 14,200 square meters of total floor area and 9,000 square meters of parking space.

Cuatrecasas workers will move into Almagro Street in the first months of 2012 -leaving the three different buildings they occupy currenctly, after it is remodeled by prestigious firms Ruiz Barbarín Arquitectos y GCA.

The rapid growth of the Madrid office over the last decade has expanded the company to three different locations in the Salamanca district. Julián García Rubí, director of the Madrid office highlighted that “The new headquarters represents a strategic bid, not only for the increase in the working space but for the better integration of our people. To have a unique location will have a positive impact in the Madrid office, which is, along with Barcelona and Lisbon, one of the three main headquarters.” The Barcelona office is the oldest one and currently employs 503 staff members, 288 of which are lawyers, while Madrid has 398 employees (273 of which are lawyers.) The third largest office is the Lisbon office, representing 192 employees, of which 115 are lawyers.