Cuatrecasas selects nine projects for its legaltech sector startup acceleration program


The chosen projects will receive the expert advice and tools they need to deploy their business model
The chosen projects will receive the expert advice and tools they need to deploy their business model

The chosen projects will receive the expert advice and tools they need to deploy their business model and facilitate the go-to-market process

Cuatrecasas Acelera, a project developed in collaboration with Telefónica Open Future_, is the first legaltech sector startup acceleration program in Europe

The Cuatrecasas Acelera program has reached a new milestone by completing the selection process of the projects that will take part in its program to accelerate startups. The nine companies picked will develop their projects remotely thanks to the platform, a virtual and global meeting point provided by Telefónica Open Future_ for investors, startups and other agents in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, which Cuatrecasas Acelera is collaborating with in this program.

"One of the benefits of the program is that it offers a space for expertise and knowledge that will help entrepreneurs turn their ideas and startups into successful businesses with high scalability potential,” says Francesc Muñoz, CIO at Cuatrecasas.

The acceleration will last six months, during which the selected projects will receive, from StepOne Ventures, individualized onsite sessions with a mentor assigned to consolidate the business model and its scalability. This facilitator will deploy the methodology for the projects, and adapt and customize it to each case. In parallel, the project will have the support of a professional from Cuatrecasas, which offers its structure as an ideal steering platform to develop the programs. This tutor will also provide support to the startups with legal and tax training.

The entrepreneurs will also participate in group workshops on a variety of topics including marketing, innovation and design, and financing.





Platform for the online management of board meetings, shareholders’ meetings, corporate relations and official company publications.


Bigle Legal

Supplier of customizable standard legal documents.


Cloud platform for hosting online corporate meetings and other legally valid meetings. Supports video streaming and electronic voting.


Esto es legal

Solution for resolving legal doubts through a virtual lawyer (bot in beta phase), completing questionnaires or through a legal answers search engine.



Contracts and legal documents that can be customized by answering a series of questions.



Lawyer search engine that allows appointments to be scheduled with the requested professional through the platform.



Online trademark registration platform with two rates: “do it yourself” and “no win no fee,” with money-back guarantee if registration is not granted.

Pyme Legal

Online legal services platform for SMEs, freelancers and startups.


The Logic Value

Tool that uses an algorithm to generate an objective assessment of enterprises, and creates individual scenarios by modifying six variables.


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