Cuatrecasas Sports Club

Cuatrecasas Sports Club:

We encourage team sports, we facilitate access to sports centers, we manage registrations in popular races and we develop initiatives proposed by our professionals, as well as other activities. Participate with your colleagues and challenge yourself.

Nuevas formas de trabajo Cuatrecasas

New work methods:

Workspaces and technology lead to a new way of working and of how we relate to each other:

  • More transparent and open work environment with collaborative spaces
  • New model based on collaboration, teamwork, efficiency and multidisciplinary exchange
  • Two monitors, portable computers and new software to adapt us to the new digital reality
Tiempo libre Cuatrecasas

Cuatrecasas Free Time:

One of the aims of Cuatrecasas Free Time is to foster relationships between all the firm's employees outside the working environment. Participate in the following:

  • Reading Club
  • Story and photograph competitions
  • Children’s events at Christmas
  • Other events and activities

We would be delighted to hear about any proposals or initiatives you have: we all have leading roles here.

Retribución flexible Cuatrecasas

Flexible compensation:

Under our Flexible Compensation Plan, you have a voluntary compensation plan that adapts to your needs and enables you to obtain financial benefits.

We offer the following products and services:

  • Health insurance
  • Meal card
  • Travel card
  • Nursery
  • Training
  • Languages
  • Computer equipment
  • Smartphones
Servicio de Salud Cuatrecasas

Health and Wellness Service:

We care about the comprehensive health of our professionals, which is why we provide: 

  • An in-house medical services
  • Annual medical checkups with additional testing
  • Health campaigns
  • 360-degree wellness workshops promoting physical, emotional and nutritional health
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutrition