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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


We are exclusively dedicated to practicing law, which we do in line with the law, professional standards and our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The excellence of our legal services lies in our ability to combine integrity, efficiency and honesty, and to contribute to the responsible management of our clients’ activities.

In our internal relations, we apply our codes of conduct and methodology as rules of coexistence and as a guarantee of the best service to our clients. Cooperation, transparency and meritocracy govern the relations of the firm’s teams and the relations between the teams and offices. We strive for gender equality and diversity as we incorporate society’s values into our firm. We try to ensure that our team has a balanced and healthy life by promoting a flexible and efficient work culture, and  offering health and wellness services that lead to the best possible service for our clients and a work-life balance for our professionals.

We are firmly committed to the principles of democracy and participation in the firm’s governance, including regarding access to partnership and the rotation of internal management posts. We promote a dialog culture, spaces for initiatives and innovation, and an open-minded culture that establishes horizontal relationships and avoids hierarchies.

Aware that our activity has an environmental impact, we apply measures to reduce its effects, with particular emphasis on technology.

We support initiatives that generate the social impact of our activity, particularly pro bono legal advice. We encourage our professionals to participate in initiatives with a social impact. Activities specifically oriented at promoting the firm, its services and reputation do not come under our social action programs.

The activities of the Fundación Cuatrecasas, which come under our corporate responsibility program, are aimed at contribution to the  rule of law and access to justice.

We measure our progress and results in financial terms as well as in terms of our corporate responsibility. We carry out regular reporting, keep open minds and apply critical thinking to improve and respond to all our stakeholders’ expectations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Rafael Fontana, Senior Partner
September 2017