Cuatrecasas Institute for Legal Strategy on Human Resources

Cuatrecasas Institute for Legal Strategy on Human Resources

In Spain, currently there are no forums for the strategic innovation of human resources, especially those relating to labor and employment issues, which will be key in the future of companies affected by constant innovation and globalization.

This is why the Cuatrecasas Institute for Legal Strategy on Human Resources has been created.

It is a forum for legal innovation, with relevant national and international companies, and other stakeholders in the employment market, contributing to the decision-making process in the mid- and long-term. It provides close collaboration to identify key legal answers, from a labor relations perspective.

It has an advisory committee, made up of a select group of senior managers of human resources and in-house legal counsellors, and similar professionals from large companies.

The Institute proactively searches for innovation in the regulation of issues that are, and will continue to be, key issues in companies: their human capital.

It is also a meeting point for other human resources operators that directly or indirectly affect decisions made in this area, such as public authorities, political parties, and trade union representatives, as well as opinion creators in the media.

The Institute organizes regular meetings with its members.

The Institute is presided by Salvador del Rey, partner at Cuatrecasas’s Labor and Employment Practice and professor of labor law. Guillermo Tena, of counsel at Cuatrecasas, is the Institute´s director.

THE TECHNOS PROJECT (2016–2019): The impact of disruptive technologies on the labor market and human resources management and the necessary changes to the regulatory framework

The Cuatrecasas Institute for Legal Strategy on Human Resources is conducting an initiative called the TECHNOS PROJECT, whose main objective is to identify the changes that the new technologies are producing and are going to produce on corporate organizational structures.

While disruptive technologies grow exponentially, it is difficult for people management and the law to keep the pace. There is a risk of an increasing gap between the regulatory framework and HR management and technological “singularities” applied to corporate business.
The TECHNOS PROJECT develops innovative and practical recommendations for legislators and companies (from the perspective of HR and legal management) to face the increasing technological challenge. 

Cuatrecasas Institute for Legal Strategy on Human Resources

The Technos Project 2016-2019