Pro bono

Pro bono

Cuatrecasas’s Pro Bono Program arose from our lawyers’ sensitivity and their concept of the firm, which is seen, not as an isolated organization focused on itself, but as part of a community to whose development and well-being it must actively contribute.

The Pro Bono Program started in 2007, and facilitates and promotes the participation of the firm’s lawyers in pro bono activities, providing the necessary financial and professional support to sustain this initiative.

The Pro Bono Program is undertaken in three different areas:

•  Advising and defending, free of charge, those who are most in need,
generally non-profit groups or entities (e.g., NGOs, foundations and associations).

• Promoting public welfare by advocating for the adoption of laws, legal rulings and administrative actions to support public-interest objectives.

• Providing free legal training for non-profit organizations and entities, thus
contributing to their social missions.

The areas of practice within the Pro Bono Program share the common denominator of the public interest and the utmost professionalism in its defense. It began and has grown through the voluntary participation of the firm’s lawyers, and seeks only to contribute, through their professional practice, to improving our surroundings.

Over 100 lawyers participate in the program, advising 30 entities each year.

The Pro Bono Program in numbers:

Pro bono