European network

Non-exclusive network with Chiomenti, Gide and Gleiss

In Continental Europe, we have developed a non-exclusive network with three other leading law firms: Chiomenti in Italy, Gide in France and Gleiss Lutz in Germany.

Together, with 2,000 lawyers in 27 offices throughout Europe, we provide a full range of services, offering an integrated advice to clients in complex crossborder transactions, international projects and litigation.

We have created a regulatory Hub in Frankfurt, where the Central European Bank also has its headquarters, to manage matters related to regulations and European banking law, comprising expert lawyers from each firm, enabling knowledge and experience on these matters to be shared.

With this network, we can offer clients the best services in each country, as each of these firms is a leading independent law firm, with the same vision for client service: understanding clients’ needs, quick response, effective communication and business focus.

If you would like to know more about the legal updates in these jurisdictions in relation to the crisis caused by COVID-19, please check here: Italy (Chiomenti), France (Gide) and Germany (Gleiss Lutz).