Global strategy

A flexible global approach through the best local teams

We have skills and extensive experience in providing crossborder advice. Our international approach is flexible and non-exclusive, enabling us to choose the best suited legal practice for each project, to meet our clients’ specific needs.

We offer our services through an extensive network of integrated offices, strategic alliances and our long-standing relationships with the most renowned law firms around the globe.

Our network includes 16 offices on the Iberian Peninsula and 12 international offices in Beijing, Bogotá, Brussels, Casablanca, Lima, London, Luanda, Maputo, Mexico City, New York, São Paulo and Shanghai.

In continental Europe, we have built a strong non-exclusive network with leading law firms in their domestic markets (Gide in France, Chiomenti in Italy and Gleiss Lutz in Germany) that allows us to provide clients seamless, integrated service on complex crossborder projects.

In Latin America, we operate through a flexible model that combines our offices in Mexico, Peru and Brazil, a strategic alliance in Colombia with Posse Herrera Ruiz, and preferential relationships with some of the leading law firms of each region, selecting the firms that best suit our clients’ needs on the grounds of specialty, experience and profile.

Our international desks (teams of lawyers from the firm’s different practice areas and offices who share knowledge and experience of a specific jurisdiction) ensure that our practice and knowledge of the latest developments in all jurisdictions is constantly updated.