Football in Spain: how to ensure a good deal

Londres, 12 de Junho de 2018


The four-year countdown is about to end: the World Cup in Russia is here. This global event will trigger a large number of deals, involving a great number of clubs and players worldwide.

Spain is one of the top football markets, having become a key reference for both the import and export of players. Therefore, all professionals in the football industry should be aware of the Spanish market’s legal and tax features, as sooner or later a transaction involving Spain will arise.

In addition, a number of the players who will be traded after the World Cup will become new icons, and their names and images will turn into critical commercial assets. A good knowledge of the Spanish legal and commercial environment will ensure the optimal management of these players’ assets.

In this session, specialists from our Sport Law Group will identify and analyze the critical questions to keep in mind in any transaction related to the Spanish market, as well as the structure and particularities to consider. Our experience in this field, advising Spanish and Latin American top sports professionals and companies, means we are in a position to provide up-to-date and detailed advice on these types of transactions.

Specifically, we will analyze questions such as tax structuring of transfer deals, key Spanish-related business questions to assess when negotiating with clubs, players or sponsors, efficient defense of third-party infringements, or management of the digital assets and identities of players and sport organizations.