Income Tax for Foreigners Working in China: Exemptions and Obligations – What you Need to Know

Xangai, 21 de Junho de 2018


China’s rapid growth provides numerous opportunities and vast space for development, becoming increasingly popular as a destination for foreigners that mostly reside in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.  Shanghai has over 150,000 officially registered foreigners, including approximately 31,500 Japanese, 21,000 Americans, and 20,700 Koreans.

Full-time foreign employees in China must ensure that they are in compliance both in China and in their home countries. This is the responsibility of the individual and the employer.

The European Chamber is delighted to welcome Mr. Omar Puertas and Ms. Ana Jorge and Ms. Grace Lin, Lawyers at Cuatrecasas and  Ms. Maureen Chio from EY as they share with us which exemptions and obligations foreign employees face when living and working in China.