Cuatrecasas hosts “Business to China”

November 23, 2017

A meeting for learning about potential of Chinese market

Together with The George, Spring GDS and Banco Santander, Cuatrecasas organized the event “Business to China: key aspects for expanding your business in China.” Held at the firm’s Barcelona office, the event gathered together the heads of over 60 companies interested in learning about the potential of the Chinese market.

Omar Puertas, managing partner of the Cuatrecasas Shanghai office, and Kim Berger, owner of the marketing agency The George, presided over the event.

Albert Agustinoy, a partner at Cuatrecasas, discussed the most relevant international laws and key intellectual property aspects to consider when doing business in China.

Also participating were Alejandra Pérez, international business director at Banco Santander; Jessie Ge, director of The George agency in Shanghai; Annemiek Woudenberg, portfolio director at PostNL; and Montse Martí, development director at MartiDerm.

All the speakers highlighted how the Chinese market is evolving towards one of a highly innovative economy driven by the new technologies. A clear example of this trend is the WeChat messaging app that connects over 900 million users and offers various functions, including payment integration and marketplaces.


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