Cuatrecasas partners Euronext “Familyshare” program

February 7, 2017

Partnership will offer legal advisory and coaching to selected unlisted family businesses. Euronext Lisbon, Cuatrecasas and other partners will select five to eight companies.

Cuatrecasas is the exclusive legal partner in Portugal for FamilyShare, a program being set up across Euronext markets to offer support and coaching to unlisted family businesses.

According to Euronext, “this unique pan-European initiative is designed to familiarize family-owned businesses with capital markets, both equity and bonds, giving them the information they need to bring their companies to the market.

Cuatrecasas, Euronext Lisbon, and other partners (an investment bank, a PR consultancy, a management consultancy and a business school) will work with a number of companies to launch this program, tailored to Portugal’s needs, and designed to introduce family-owned businesses to equity and bonds markets. The initiative also includes European roadshows to meet investors and a special section on Euronext’s website.

Euronext Lisbon and the Portuguese Family Businesses Association will start promoting FamilyShare to family-owned businesses this month, and then Euronext Lisbon and the partners will select the first five to eight companies to join the program. FamilyShare will start in April and continue for 12 months. A second edition will launch in September (while the first is still running), which will also continue for one year.

This program is part of a series of Euronext initiatives for family businesses, to promote listings and raise the profile of family businesses with investors. On February 21, 2017, Euronext will also launch the Euronext Family Business index®, a new European index with 90 component companies, from major corporations to SMEs, in the four countries covered by Euronext: Belgium, France, Holland and Portugal.

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