Patents and Trademarks

October 23, 2019

What are the basic requirements to obtain patent and trademark protection?
The main Portuguese legal framework for industrial property rights is enshrined in the Industrial Property Code (CPI), as approved by Decree-Law 36/2003, 5 June 2003, and amended by Law 16/2008, 1 April 2008.
Portugal is a TRIPS-standard jurisdiction with a pre-grant opposition, absolute novelty patent system where all technical fields are eventually patentable.
According to CPI, any pharmaceutical product may be patent protected provided that it is (i) new; (ii) inventive; and (iii) industrially applicable.
As for trademarks, the basic requirements are distinctiveness of the sign and the lack of confusable registered trademarks or applications to identify competitive linked products or services.

What agencies or bodies regulate patents and trademarks?
Regulation over patents and trademarks is centralized at the Portuguese National Industrial Property Institute (Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial), better known as INPI. More information available at


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