The european distressed debt investment market is revealed

November 22, 2016


The publication of the book Investing in Distressed Debt in Europe—edited by Cuatrecasas partner Ignacio Buil in collaboration with international organization TMA Europe—reveals the trend toward investing in distressed debt and reviews the European legal framework in this field

The European market for distressed debt has seen exponential growth in Europe since the outbreak of the financial crisis. This growth has led to the approval of many reforms relating to debt restructurings and insolvencies, to the development of the non-performing loan market in numerous European jurisdictions, and to the rise of shadow bank financing from credit funds for companies that cannot access debt or capital markets (known as direct lending).

Investing in Distressed Debt in Europe: The TMA Handbook for Practitioners, edited by Ignacio Buil, a Cuatrecasas financial partner in London, offers a legal view from a European perspective on how this market has developed and analyzes the field's most important milestones for understanding how relevant this market is and what its main elements are.

The book focuses on Europe, especially the British, French, German, Italian and Spanish jurisdictions and it includes contributions from a large group of experts and lawyers from Cuatrecasas and from other leading law firms in these countries, such as Chiomenti and Gide, which, together with Cuatrecasas, comprise the European network of laws firms.

According to Ignacio Buil, “the book provides a pan-European vision on how the distressed debt market has evolved and on the investment opportunities this market offers, analyzing the complexity and unique aspects of a market that is playing an increasingly significant role in Europe.”

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