The Cuatrecasas International Institute for Legal Strategy on Human Resources takes its first steps

March 16, 2009

Twenty-four multinationals ans Spanish leading companies support the —an initiative aimed at finding innovative solutions for employers’ labor concerns. It aims to open dialog with companies’ senior managers, followed by dialog with all relevant economic and social agents to finally propose worthwhile solutions to the government.

At the institute’s presentation held yesterday at the headquarters of Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira in Madrid, Mr. Emilio Cuatrecasas said: “We expect proposals to be made on a daily basis to apply them in the medium and long term.” Also present at the presentation were Mr. Salvador del Rey, the institute’s president and a professor of labor law, and the institute’s director, Mr. Fernando Moreno, who previously managed the Labor and Social Affairs Department of the Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organizations (CEOE).

Mr. del Rey stated that the problem with Spain’s current labor situation is that “we were not capable of predicting what was on the horizon”; that the institute has been established precisely with the aim of trying to get ahead of change and propose strategies to improve the management of human capital “which will always be crucial to the country’s economic and social evolution.”

Mr. Moreno explained the thinking behind the institute, particularly its unique practical facet in aiming to find real solutions to real problems. He also mentioned how market globalization clearly defines our approaches to today’s problems, and the importance of triggering public debate involving and considering trade unions and agents.

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