Labor and Employment

A highly experienced team in all areas of human resources and labor relations planning, with in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses.

We advise on all the legal aspects of the strategic planning of human resources and labor relations. This includes preparing all types of policies (remuneration, internal and hiring policies), managing restructurings and making working conditions flexible. We design and implement remote working and digital disconnection policies, and we advise on how to make the most of and optimize equality and diversity. We are experts in managing labor disputes, as well as in representing our clients in labor inspections, and assisting them in collective disputes and court proceedings.

Development groups

Our team includes the following development groups: compensation and benefits, compliance and internal investigations, social sustainability, collective restructuring, disruptive technologies, global mobility and crossborder human resources, health and safety, labor disputes and social security.

  • Compensation and benefits: advising on planning and managing individual, collective, fixed and variable remuneration; remuneration in kind and flexible compensation; company benefits; and complementary social welfare and pension plans.
  • Compliance and internal investigations: advising on achieving a compliance culture and its monitoring within the company, particularly focusing on (i) managing internal investigations involving whistleblowing incidents; and (ii) drafting anti-harassment policies and internal codes of conduct.
  • Social sustainability: managing work organization from the ESG social perspective, aligning the sustainability-related values and business strategies with labor-related actions. The areas covered are equality, diversity and inclusion; environmental human resource management; flexibility and new ways to organize work; equity and transparency; and ethical companies and healthy organizations.
  • Collective restructuring: advising companies on preparing for, developing and implementing collective dismissals, as well as advising on internal flexibility measures (modifying conditions, non-application of collective bargaining terms, transfers and irregular distribution of the working day).
  • Disruptive technologies-DTech: advising on the labor aspects of analyzing data, cybersecurity, blockchain, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, internet of things (IoT), social media, robotics, and new digital business models.
  • Global mobility and crossborder human resources: advising on structuring international mobility, as well on managing expatriations and impatriations from the labor and social security perspective (source and target), including any contingencies.
  • Health and safety at work: providing comprehensive advice on managing the prevention of health and safety risks.
  • Labor disputes: advising clients in relation to the rules and procedural practices in court proceedings and appeals, both in labor courts and judicial review courts; also advising on out-of-court dispute resolution.
  • Social security: advising on the correct placement of workers, directors and external collaborators in the corresponding regime; and on meeting the social security contribution obligations and any possible liability transfers due to other companies’ debts (e.g., hires, company succession).

We also have the Cuatrecasas Institute for Legal Strategy on Human Resources, a forum where over 40 leading companies meet regularly to search for innovative regulatory solutions, discuss changes in the regulatory framework and help the authorities to draft new laws.

Our professionals are present at all our offices in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru and Colombia.

Cuatrecasas boasts an impressive employment law department.

Chambers Europe, 2023