A team of specialized lawyers with ample experience in structuring and implementing all types of national and international fixed-income issues and securitization transactions.

Our practice is one of the most established on the market. We advise on the issues and placements of all types of securities and fixed-income instruments (including simple and subordinated bonds, special debentures, promissory notes, warrants, preferred shares or stock, convertibles and mortgage and high-yield bonds). We also advise on commercial paper programs and on OTC derivatives and financial securities.

We carry out all types of securitization transactions, advising originators, as well as management companies, rating agencies and underwriting banks. We actively participate in the structuring of receivables financing through conduits abroad, as well as in financing transactions involving credit assignment.

Thanks to our large and experienced team of experts, we are national leaders in the various types of securitization transactions, offering comprehensive advice throughout the process. We have extensive experience in securitization transactions with an international component.

Our team also has ample experience in bonds and securities issues, as well as in the registration of commercial paper programs in markets in different European and Latin American jurisdictions.

The quality of Cuatrecasas' services and its responsiveness is stunning.

Chambers, 2024