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We advocate the international experience through training and professional practice. We promote our lawyers’ mobility between our offices and with other law firms with whom we have agreements.

Cuatrecasas has a team of individuals passionate about what we do and how we do it. A career with us is intense: we enjoy challenges, and our highly prepared professionals contribute ideas that go further. Push yourself every day and enjoy your profession. Explore your professional interests with us.

Our program is unique in the sector: PPAI and PDA.


International Advocacy Support Program (PPAI)

If you have recently graduated and have a clear interest in developing an international profile, we offer you the International Advocacy Support Program (Programa Pro Abogacía Internacional, “PPAI”).

The program consists of three stages:


Doctorate and Practice of Law Program (PDA) Under the PDA, trainee lawyers with top marks can develop their careers while continuing to train at the highest level. During the program’s five years, the lawyers do their daily work while completing a doctoral thesis; they also spend some time abroad.