2021 China-Latin America International Cooperation on Renewable Energy | Chile & Peru

22 de 四月 de 2021


To seize the opportunity of international cooperation in new energy in Latin America, promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation between China and Latin American countries in the fields of solar energy, wind power and biomass energy, among others; and explore new opportunities for China's new energy international cooperation under the background of "dual cycle"; China New Energy International Alliance and Cuatrecasas, are pleased to invite you to join the "2021 China-Latin America (Chile & Peru) International Cooperation on Renewable Energy” webinar on April 22.


9:00 AM
Welcome Remarks / Overview and Prospects of China’s Involvement in Renewable Energy in Chile and Peru
Shiguo Zhang , Vice Chairman & Secretary General at China New Energy International Alliance Pablo Cubel, Socio
9:15 AM
Goldwind´s Commitment in Latin America
Xuan Liang, General Manager, South America at Goldwind International
9:25 AM
Renewable energy market in Chile and Softlanding
Natalia Cortés, Trade Commissioner at ProChile Beijing, Embassy of Chile to the P.R. China Vicente Pinto, Investment Commissioner for Asia at InvestChile
9:45 AM
Legal framework, landscape of financing, and investment opportunities in Chile's renewable energy sector
10:10 AM
10:25 AM
Legal framework, M&A and financing in Peru's renewable energy sector
11:10 AM