Tax Litigation

Team of lawyers specializing in tax litigation with extensive experience in all types of procedures with the tax authorities.

Our Tax Litigation Group comprises lawyers combining experience and in-depth knowledge of tax, procedural and administrative law, offering clients the best defense of their interests as taxpayers in all types of proceedings, appeals and disputes with the tax authorities.

We work with other experts in the firm, comparing and sharing information, experiences and strategies, to ensure the best defense of clients’ interests, to strengthen the firm’s synergies, and make sure the most suitable lawyers are assigned to each case. Our lawyers coordinate the resources required for the courts to uphold the appeals based on a strict application of the law.

We advise and represent clients before all tax authorities (national, regional or local) at all procedural stages and before all courts competent to hear tax-related cases. We also advise clients on how to financially optimize their tax claims and appeals.

Excellent capabilities in tax disputes and boasts significant expertise in cross-border mandates.

Chambers, 2024

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