Cuatrecasas为TUI 西班牙公司数字化流程战略相关的重要劳务协议提供咨询意见


Cuatrecasas advised the German tour operator TUI in Spain on an agreement to restructure its workforce due to its decision to digitalize its processes and to adapt to market demands.

After a period of negotiations, by unanimous decision the parties involved agreed to sign an agreement establishing several measures to minimize the impact on the workforce. These include reassigning many workers to a different job position, excluding certain groups with future employment difficulties (over 50s) and creating a job bank giving priority to the hiring of those affected by the restructuring in the case of future job opportunities in the company.

The Cuatrecasas team advising on the transaction was made up of Javier SolaTatiana Muñoz, Carla Sanz and Ana Belén Barbero.