Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our principles

At Cuatrecasas we strongly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and full respect for the principle of non-discrimination. That is why we have established policies and programs that seek to ensure an equitable, fair and respectful work environment for all the members of our organization and that open the firm up to diversity.

We abide by the following principles:

reconocer la diversidad
Recognize and support all types of diversity to better understand and attend the needs of our staff and our clients                                                                                               
Promote meritocracy and equal opportunities throughout our staff members’ work experience.                                                                                           
Create a respectful environment in which people feel valued and can develop their full potential.                                                                                                                      

Lines of action

Inclusion of people with disabilities
We are committed to fostering the employability of people with disabilities, providing reasonable accommodation in the workplace so they can perform their work effectively. We work with organizations that specialize in integrating people with disabilities into the job market, to identify employment opportunities and improve our recruitment practices.

Our actions include:

  • A proactive plan to recruit people with disabilities and collaborate with specialized entities that accompany these individuals to job interviews.  
  • An integration plan for interns with disabilities.
  • Periodic evaluation by an independent third party (the DisCert Disabled Certificate for Organizations) of our commitment and actions in terms of social integration, universal accessibility and equal pay.
  • Communication and training activities in cooperation with external entities that specialize in making our commitment visible and promoting disability awareness.  
Equity in education and career development opportunities
We offer scholarships and financial aid programs for individuals with economic difficulties who want to train and develop professionally in our firm. We believe that education is a fundamental right and that it should be available for all individuals, regardless of their economic situation.

Our actions include:

  • Cooperation with universities to support students with special needs and at risk of social exclusion.
  • Scholarship programs, in cooperation with universities, to foster personal autonomy in university students with good academic performances, through a monetary award and also by providing training opportunities for students from all backgrounds.

Diversity and LGBTI+ inclusion
We foster an inclusive and respectful work environment for all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We strive to create a space where every member of our organization feels valued and respected, and where diverse views and experiences are welcomed. We also maintain an external commitment to associations that fight for diversity and inclusion in the business world.

Our actions include:

  • The creation of the Orgullo/Orgulho Cuatrecasas Committee—made up of professionals from the firm in all the countries where we are present—which initiates campaigns and raises awareness toward the LGBTI+ community. This committee employs several lines of action so that all our offices are inclusive, egalitarian and tolerant work environments for everyone.
  • The creation of an internal affinity group made up of over 300 members and friends of the community, which acts as a safe, voluntary, horizontal participation space and as a meeting point to share experiences and initiatives.
  • Participation in REDI, the first Corporate Network for Diversity and LGBTI Inclusion in Spain, as members of its board of directors and secretary of the board.