He specializes in advising on public procurement matters, particularly public-private partnerships, including jurisdictional issues arising from disputes. His professional activity covers a range of sectors, including transport, roads and highways, hospitals, ports, hydraulic installations, and waste management.

Antonio Dorado also advises on private international law and Ibero-American law. In Padua, Italy, he participated in several transactions concerning the Port of Venice, advising on administrative law. In Lima, Peru, he practiced in civil and judicial review proceedings.

As a former student of the public competitive examination for the Spanish Parliament’s Body of Counsels (2010-2015), he has in-depth knowledge of the regulated sectors and other branches of civil, procedural and constitutional law.

Lecturer in constitutional law at ISDE Law & Business School, affiliated to Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Former lecturer in procedural administrative law in Lima, Perumer lecturer in procedural administrative law in Lima, Peru.

Speaker at seminars and on courses at several institutions.


  • Doctorate in law
    International Doctoral School, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, ongoing

    Master in Intellectual Property and New Technologies Law
    Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, 2016

    Bachelor of Laws (special distinction)
    Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville, 2009

    Bachelor of Political Sciences and Public Administration
    Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, 2018