Specialist in corporate law, particularly corporate governance, and in restructuring and insolvency law. He is a member of the firm’s Knowledge and Innovation Group.

Javier Megías is a lecturer of commercial law at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and speaks regularly on different legal practice and specialized masters. He specializes in the governing bodies of limited companies and their role in insolvency governance.

He have lectured at various universities since 2012 [ICADE School of Law, University College of Financial Studies (CUNEF), RCU Escorial-María Cristina, CES Cardenal Cisneros and ISDE Law & Business School].

He has been coordinating the Master in Legal Consultancy for Companies at Universidad Complutense de Madrid since its creation in 2016.

He has been deputy director of the journal Revista General de Insolvencias y Reestructuraciones (I&R) since it was started in 2021. Before that (2020-2021), he was secretary of the journal Revista de Derecho Concursal y Paraconcursal (RCP).

He has written many publications on his specialty areas (boards of directors, corporate disputes, corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability, distribution of powers and management and responsibility in companies in financial trouble). We highlight the monograph he wrote for his doctoral thesis (El consejero independiente. Estatuto y funciones, 2012). He has spent time abroad carrying out research at foreign universities (Harvard 2008, Turin 2009 and Florence 2018). He has participated in many conferences in Spain and abroad on his specialty areas, and has received several prizes for his legal research. He participated as a member of five research projects under the Spanish R&D&I plan, and is the main researcher in another project for the 2021-2025 period.


  • Doctor of Laws (Doctor Europaeus, summa cum laude honors, and special distinction)
    Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2012

    Bachelor of Laws
    Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2005