How to start the selection process?

Register on our website and select the option that most interests you based on your profile and experience. Attach your CV academic record. We will assess your CV when we receive it.

What are the requirements for participating in the selection process?

We seek final-year undergraduate degree and double-degree students, students of master degrees, and lawyers and professionals specializing in the different areas of the support staff departments. Candidates must (i) have an international profile and a high-level of English; (ii) be active regarding continuous learning and development; (iii) be capable of working in a flexible, collaborative and multidisciplinary environment; and (iv) have an excellent academic background.

When are internships held and what is their duration?

  • Undergraduate degrees: internships are carried out during the academic year if compatible with the university’s academic calendar. Summer internships are carried out in June and July for one to two months.
  • Masters for access to the practice of law: the universities establish the dates and duration of the internships.
  • Internships in support staff departments: internships are carried out during the academic year for six months.  

When do the selection processes for internships start?

Our selection process is always open and is carried out throughout the year. We recommend sending applications for internships for undergraduate and master degrees the year before the expected start date.

In what areas and offices is it possible to do internships for undergraduate degrees and masters for access to the practice of law?

We have internship programs at all our offices and we will assign you to a practice area or specialty. We will advise you on the area of assignment based on your profile and interests, as well as on the availability of positions and the needs of the teams.

Infografía FAQs  

Is there rotation by area?

The internships for undergraduate degrees and masters for access to the practice of law are carried out in one practice area. For your integration, it is important that you make the most of this experience and learn all about the practice area and the specialty in great detail.

However, if you complete more than one internship, you can do the internships in different groups and practice areas to learn more about the firm e.g., you could do the internship for the third year of the undergraduate degree in the Corporate and Commercial Practice and the internship of a master for admission to the practice of law in the Tax Practice. When you join the firm later, we will assign you to a specialty area, so you can develop your career.

How can I find out about the status of my application?

We will keep you updated at all times regarding your application status. If you have any queries, contact the HR specialist in charge of your selection process or send an email to rrhh.seleccion@cuatrecasas.com.

Is there training available for workers that have already joined the firm? 

We have a training plan adapted to each group and to each lawyer career stage, which we update regularly. We offer training programs (technical, skills and languages) in different formats to adapt to our workers’ needs.

Are students on internships paid while at your firm?

Yes, all students on internships at Cuatrecasas are paid.