A large team of highly specialized lawyers with ample experience in advising on complex financial transactions.

  • Corporate and acquisition finance: We advise on bilateral and syndicated financing, structured in one or more tranches, senior and subordinated, to carry out investment and development plans, as well as on financing for corporate acquisition transactions, such as LBOs, MBOs, MBIs, tender offers, and private equity finance in general.
  • Infrastructure finance (PPP/PFI models): Our legal services include preparing public tender offers and monitoring the tender process, negotiating with public authorities, and designing and structuring the financing alternatives and their guarantees for building and operating public infrastructures on a concessionary basis.
  • Real estate finance: We advise both the financing and the financed entities on structured real estate financing, both bilateral and syndicated, within the various models (promotion, construction, pre-operative, operation, leveraged with 100% LTV and with capital gains equity) secured by mortgages and pledges over credit rights, particularly concerning real estate such as business parks, hotels, logistics centers, offices and shopping centers.
  • Project finance: We advise sponsors and banks that provide financing to structure project finance transactions in both national and international projects, particularly those in structures on a concessionary basis and those that have an investment grade. For these types of transactions, we provide advice on preparing and negotiating project contracts and on structuring financing alternatives and their security and guarantees, with the aim of optimizing taxes and other costs.
  • Structured finance and debt issues: We have a sound practice in issues and placements of all types of securities and fixed-income instruments (such as ordinary, subordinated and special subordinated debentures and promissory notes), warrants, certificates, preferred shares, convertibles, mortgage-backed bonds, public sector-backed bonds, and high yields, and in advising entities on MTN programs, as well as in relation to OTC derivatives, collateral and financial guarantees.
  • Asset finance: We have extensive experience in financing the acquisition of assets (e.g., high-speed trains and rail cars, machinery, engines, airplanes, helicopters, oil and gas tankers, medical equipment, hardware and software), both under direct loan and lease schemes.
  • Securitization: We carry out securitization transactions within the various models (mortgage, assets and synthetic), providing legal advice to originators, management companies, rating agencies and underwriting banks. We actively participate in the structuring of receivables financing through conduits abroad, as well as in transactions to assign credit and sell credit portfolios (performing and non-performing loans).
  • Debt sales: We are experts in debt sales, regularly advising financial institutions, broker-dealers and investment funds on structuring and implementing sales and trades of shares in syndicate and bilateral loans (single names), performing and non-performing (NPL) loans, credit rights of all kinds and large portfolios of non-performing assets (NPLs, reperforming loans and real estate-owned assets or REOs).
  • Direct lending: we are pioneers and experts in advising funds on all types of alternative financing transactions and on setting up direct lending platforms.
  • Debt refinancing: We advise companies and creditors on complex financial restructuring transactions, many of which involve several jurisdictions. Our advice includes analyzing the debt to be restructured and the legal implications for debtors and creditors arising from these situations (including structuring the agreements and security packages required for the transactions).

The team are very skilled and talented, not only at the top level but also at the intermediate levels.

Chambers, 2024