Corporate and M&A Disputes

Representing clients in the full spectrum of corporate and M&A litigation cases.

Our team of lawyers is highly specialized in corporate disputes, enabling us to offer clients sophisticated and efficient advice, along with innovative solutions. We handle the early stages of disputes in an effort to avoid reaching the litigation stage; however, if litigation is necessary, we guarantee our expertise when preparing for litigation.

Due to our recognition on the market, we have participated in major corporate disputes of all types. Our experience includes advising on compliance with and termination of shareholders agreements, on holding contentious general meetings of shareholders and meetings of boards of directors, and on challenging corporate resolutions, as well as handling the withdrawal and removal of shareholders, and corporate liquidation processes involving disputes. We also advise on non-contentious proceedings involving commercial matters and disputes over directors' liability. To offer our clients a comprehensive defense, we work in teams that include lawyers specializing in other areas such as criminal law and tax.

After over 20 years in this practice area, we are highly specialized in defending our clients in all types of claims arising from M&A transactions. We have handled many court and arbitration claims over liability arising from the inaccuracy of representations and warranties in contracts, as well as claims over compliance with post-contractual obligations (e.g., non-compete, non-solicitation, call and put options, and the right to exit).

We provide defense from the initial stages of negotiation processes, covering non-disclosure agreements, letters of intent, memorandums of understanding and similar documents.

In our practice, we combine legal, economic (financial and accounting) and business knowledge to build our defense. In addition, we have extensive experience in international M&A and sales transactions, which involve several legal systems and the coordination of teams based in different countries.