Cuatrecasas secondments

Experiences of our secondments

Jesús García Aparicio. Secondment at Cravath, Swaine & Moore, New York
Jesús García

"I will remember 2022 as the year that I completed my secondment at one of the most reputed law firms in the USA, as well as running the New York marathon. My secondment enabled me to (i) forge close relations with the host law firm and learn firsthand about its work methods, culture and management; (ii) develop my commercial skills and expand my network of professional contacts; (iii) expand my technical-legal knowledge by learning about new international standards; and (iv) improve my abilities and skills for working in an international context. I also took advantage of my year in New York to train for and enjoy the experience of running the city’s marathon".

Fernando Garí. Secondment at London office
Fernando Gari
“I am grateful that the firm considered my application and that it helped me to find the most suitable secondment to develop my career. The secondment is giving me the chance to have direct contact with the practice of law, develop my business skills with clients (mainly investment and venture capital funds, who are the main players in the transactions on which we advise from the London office) and to broaden and expand on my legal knowledge. Also, by closely observing how international firms work, I am learning how they organize themselves and am extending my network of contacts.”

Susana Vaquero. Secondment at Holland & Knight, Miami
Susana Vaquero
“In my case, I am lucky that I will remember 2020 for more than the pandemic as I had the opportunity to spend six months working at Holland & Knight in Miami. In terms of on-the-job training, the secondment has enabled me, among other things, to learn firsthand about other work methods, to extend my network of contacts and to learn from other practice areas." In personal terms, the best thing about the secondment was the opportunity to learn more about a culture with which we have so much in common and the experience of living in another country at such a unique moment.The experience definitely exceeded my expectations (with the pandemic and a hurricane included, or despite them!).”

Javier Vivas. Secondment at Gide Loyrette Noüel, París
JAvier Vivas
“My nine-month secondment in 2018 at Gide Loyrette Noüel, one of the firm’s best friends, was everything I could have wished for. The experience was a daily challenge but it was exciting. It not only involved learning about another law, but also about other ways of doing things. I was fully integrated and I had the opportunity to have close contact with Gide’s partners and clients, enabling me to receive excellent training and to establish relations that I continue to maintain in my day to day.”

Conchi Bargalló. Secondment at Shangai office
Conchi Bargalló
"From November 2014 until December 2017, I was based at our Shanghai office, leading the local tax practice and working closely with the other practice areas. It was an enormous challenge and I learned a lot. The experience of living and working in Shanghai marked a before and an after for me: I broadened my professional horizons and, most certainly, my personal horizons, thanks to living in a country full of opportunities, but where even the simple things were a challenge. I also took on a more “multinational” mindset, which is necessary to accompany our clients given the increasingly globalized taxation in the world."