Cuatrecasas advised CaixaBank on financing granted to a project company majority-owned by GAEA Inversión, a venture capital company managed by Orgaconsulting, specialists in claims management and supplies for health insurance companies. The transaction is valued at €10 million.

Lawyers José Ramón Berecibar and Tomás Ugalde coordinated the Cuatrecasas advisory team for CaixaBank, with the participation of Álvaro Pérez-Iriondo and Daniel Acedo, and supported by tax lawyers Elvira AzaolaJosé Ahedo and Imanol Goicolea.

Orgaconsulting, founded in Málaga in 2010, focuses its activities on the healthcare market, particularly in the areas of surgical prostheses, the procurement of medical equipment and supplies, telemedicine and second-opinion consultancy services in hemodynamics and oncology.