To offer a service combining specialty and proximity, we have local teams in Angola, Morocco and Mozambique that work hand in hand with Portuguese and Spanish experts with extensive experience in Africa.

We have accumulated experience over the many years being active in Africa, particularly in the Portuguese-speaking countries and the countries of North Africa. Our lawyers advise companies on legal and tax matters in relation to their investments in Africa and provide regular follow-up of their activities and projects in the different African markets.

We have three local teams in Africa: Casablanca (Morocco), Luanda (Angola) and Maputo (Mozambique). In Morocco, we collaborate with the French law firm Gide and, in Angola and Mozambique, we collaborate with leading local law firms.

We also have solid experience in other Portuguese-speaking countries, namely Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau and São Tomé and Príncipe, as well as in the Maghreb countries, including Tunisia and Egypt, where we collaborate with independent leading law firms when necessary.

Also, many of our lawyers from different legal specialties based at our offices on the Iberian Peninsula have in-depth knowledge of the legal systems, cultures and business worlds of the main regions in continental Africa.

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