Cuatrecasas opens new head office in Portugal

Cuatrecasas opens new head office in Portugal
September 20, 2021

Cuatrecasas’ new head office in Portugal, located at Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo 6 (Lisbon), is ready to welcome the firm’s lawyers and staff, as well as its clients and partners, in an expansive, modern and technologically advanced space, in line with the firm’s flexible and integrated work models and the growing demands in the market.

Spanning around 10,000 square meters over ten floors, the investment in collaborative workspaces is clear in the new facilities. Another prominent feature is their eminently digital environment, with technology offering greater efficiency, security of information and productivity.

Located in the very center of Lisbon, just 300 meters from the old offices, the new offices also showcase spaces for internal or external events, with a large capacity auditorium, a training room, a multi-functional space, and expansive terraces. There is also a clear focus on promoting work-life balance and wellbeing, which is apparent in the catering area, gym, healthcare services office and car park (which includes spaces for bikes and other green mobility vehicles).

The building, built in 1971, has been completely refurbished and now boasts the highest standards of comfort, aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency, in line with the firm’s latest offices.

The company has prepared this video unveiling its new offices in Portugal:


Maria João Ricou, managing partner of Cuatrecasas in Portugal, said, “Rather than just a physical change, the new head office symbolizes, supports and is a catalyst for a change of culture, shifting towards excellence and innovation in the legal services we offer. We now have a more digital and functional space that fosters synergies, promotes cohesion, brings wellbeing to those who work in it and all those who visit it, and offers the company capacity to grow.”

Jorge Badía, CEO of Cuatrecasas, said, “We want Cuatrecasas to remain a leading organization, a prominent member of the community and a guarantor of the highest quality legal advice, provided by a cohesive team of experts dedicated to creating and maintaining productive and lasting relationships with their clients. We also want all our lawyers to feel valued, to fully charge their team spirit and to re-spark their appetite for continuing to showcase their talent. We are convinced that this is the ideal space to pursue these ambitions.”

The Cuatrecasas Lisbon offices, some of the largest among the 27 it has across 13 countries, are fully operational and ready to welcome its over 200 lawyers.

After the facade is comprehensively renovated, a process currently under way, the building will gain even more distinction, and Cuatrecasas is also refurbishing the 12th floor to provide more space for meetings and a terrace with spectacular views over the capital. This work is scheduled to be completed in early 2022.


Data & Figures about the new Portugal head office

September 20, 2021