Act 1/2022 extends the measures adopted under Decree-law 17/2019, declared null by the Spanish Constitutional Court, to improve acces to housing
Catalan emergency housing act
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March 8, 2022

Act 1/2022 reintroduces relevant measures to improve access to housing in Catalonia: 

> It extends the concept of “large housing asset holder” (“Large Holders”) to companies and corporate groups that own over 10 housing properties.

> The occupation of housing without legal title does not change the situation of noncompliance with the social function of the property.

> It creates the register of Large Holders.

> It extends cases in which compulsory social rent is imposed.

> It empowers the Catalan Housing Agency to lease housing properties on a social rent basis.

> It enables the expropriation of unoccupied housing properties paying half their market value.

> It introduces new infringements and enforcement measures.

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March 8, 2022