On September 16, 2022, Law 17/2022 of August 17 entered into force, granting new powers to the Portuguese Competition Authority

New Portuguese Competition Act
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September 19, 2022

Law 17/2022 of August 17 introduces several changes to competition law that affect companies directly.

We highlight the following changes:

>   The applicable fines have been increased as they now cover business groups’ worldwide turnover.

>   The search for and selection of information at dawn raids can now be carried out at the premises of the Portuguese Competition Authority.

>   The statute of limitations can now be extended indefinitely while judicial appeals are pending.

>   The period for lodging an appeal against the Portuguese Competition Authority’s final decision has been extended from 30 to 60 business days.

>   Judicial appeals will now only be able to be suspended by providing 50% of the fine as security.


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September 19, 2022